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The patented BH TS System is utilized in our ATOM and EVO electric bikes

The "TS System" patented by BH Bikes, integrates the battery in the diagonal tube, enabling the shape of a traditional frame. Its optimized design offers compact geometry characteristics.
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integration of the battery in the down tube on the TS System

 The simple and minimalist integration of the battery in the down tube on the “TS System” offers a conventional bike aesthetic.

ATOM mid drive and the EVO rear drive

 The TS system is utilized on both the ATOM mid drive range and the EVO rear drive range.

ATOM eMTB internal wiring

The internal wiring is fitted along the inside of the down tube through specially developed internal extrusions.

BH Bikes highest performing geometries

The “TS System” allows frames and bikes to be designed with the highest performing geometries.

lightweight urban and mountain bikes

 The traditional tube shapes allow the development of a wide range of lightweight urban and mountain bike models.

The down tube houses a battery with a capacity of up to 720 Wh, with the most compact cross section on the market. It has a maximum range (up to 96 mi).

 The charging port is located on the side of the down tube and allows for charging without having to remove the battery.

 The extruded aluminum body of the battery provides optimal heat dissipation from the cells, extending its service life.

(*) Mixed Mode in ideal conditions


Patent EP2653371 - Frame with an integrated battery for bikes with pedal assistance and the production process of said frame.


The ATOM Lynx incorporates the Split Pivot suspension system , just like the rest of the BH Full Suspension range, which guarantees that the three forces that act on the bike, pedaling, braking and suspension are all independent of each other.

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