best electric mountain bike system

The patented BH X System is utilized in our ATOM X and XTEP eMTB electric bikes

The need to develop a high-performance eMTB bike provoked the launch of the ATOM X project over three years ago. A team of experts was put together from the fields of MTB geometry, suspension and performance, advanced motor, battery, and IT technologies. That is how the innovative and patented BH “X System” came about, which represented an integration that was both ergonomic and different. It was developed until it became the best electric MTB bike with the best of both worlds: high performance and the most advanced electric technology.

emtb internal wiring

The internal wiring  is fitted naturally through the down tube and is accessed easily by removing the separator plate. This prevents any pinching or friction  and allows easy maintenance.

emtb low center go gravity

By positioning the motor low and the battery rearward in the frame a low center of gravity is achieved, guaranteeing a reactive and stable bike .

emtb chain guide

The system features an integrated chain guide in the 32-38T frame and a chain guard on the rear chainstays and seat stays.

emtb frame stiffness

The “X System” guarantees maximum frame stiffness. The down tube has a triple extrusion without any type of cutting or CNC that would alter its properties or weaken it.

The battery is fully integrated in the down tube, offering a modern twist to a conventional bike aesthetic.

ebike battery removal

The upper tube has an opening for accessing the battery, providing greater ergonomics for easy battery removal.


The optimal layout of the electrical elements allows frames and bikes to be designed without sacrificing anything and allows a High Performance geometry  to be developed.


Thanks to the position of the down tube, there is sufficient fork and tire clearance for use in Enduro and Aggressive Trail riding.


Its low standover  allows you to move quickly on the bike.

emtbThe down tube houses a battery with a capacity of up to 720 Wh, with the most compact cross section on the market. It has a maximum range (up to 96 mi).

emtbThe battery incorporates an integrated lever  that allows it to be opened or closed easily, “Easy Open/Easy Lock”. 

The charging port is located on the upper side of the battery and can only be accessed by the user.

emtbThe extruded aluminum body of the battery maximizes heat dissipation  from the cells, extending its service life. 

emtbThe asymmetric seat tube  offers absolute freedom in terms of the design of the Lynx suspension system, as well as natural integration of the central motor in the bike. It incorporates cable guides in its interior for the dropper seatpost and safety pins to limit the insertion of the seatpost.

It incorporates the Split Pivot suspension system , just like the rest of the BH Full Suspension range, which guarantees that the three forces that act on the bike, pedaling, braking and suspension are all independent ofeach other.

This system integrates a SAG indicator in the mudguard for  adjusting the suspension and protecting the shock absorber.

A special magnetic bottle cage and bottle was designed for use on the full suspension X-System.

The user will have a sport style Smart Key Bracelet, which will allow them to remove the battery without a key. Each wristband contains a unique identification for each bike, ensuring its exclusivity. It is a waterproof wristband (IP67) that has neither a rechargeable battery nor standard batteries and which provides a high levelof durability.

(*) Mixed Mode in ideal conditions

Patent EP16380030.3 - E-bike frame and e-bike

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