For over a century BH has been a synonym for bicycles and the love of cycling.  BH has stirred the passion for cycling in children, weekend warriors, commuters and legendary cyclists alike.

In 1909 the journey of BH (Beistegui Hermanos) started in Eibar, Spain by three brothers, Cosmo, Domingo and Juan. In those days the city was known more for producing guns than world class bicycles. This all changed quickly following the end of World War 1. Legend has it the three brothers were confronted one day by their mother to produce something other than weapons. BH Bicycles was born that day as the brothers set out to provide a fast, comfortable and economic means of transportation for the citizens of Eibar. The result was the development of very light, agile and reliable bicycles.

By 1935, BH was a leader in the Spanish cycling scene. The BH team had one of the best cyclists of the day in its ranks, the Belgian Gustave Deloor, who won the first two editions of the Vuelta a España in 1935 and 1936. Up to this date, BH has won seven Vueltas a España. Fede Etxabe achieved another historical triumph in 1987 by winning the legendary Alpe d’Huez stage of the Tour de France and becoming the first Spanish cyclist to do so. In more recent times, BH has been the bike sponsor of several Pro Tour level cycling teams, such as Liberty Seguros, AG2R and Direct Energie.

BH moved to a larger modern plant in 1959, where it has developed high quality bicycles and components for all cycling disciplines: road, mountain, all terrain, electric and even fitness equipment. BH continues to innovate and set new industry standards in technology developed in the EVO and ATOM line of leading eBikes for the city and the trail.

100+ years later, the Beistegui family are still at the head of BH and continue to maintain the essence of a company that remains true to the values it was founded upon: innovation, research and technological development; social and environmental responsibility; dynamism, commitment, reliability and trustworthiness; and, above all, its passion for bicycles. And all this with the aim of continuing to offer sport and health products to the entire world.

Easy Motion USA, is an award winning eBike company that offers the latest in pedal assist technology. Easy Motion USA offers a wide range of models that offer incredible value and performance. We have quickly become a leading eBike brand by consistently bringing bikes to the market that offer the latest technologies and set the bar for reliability and performance.

As a whole, the entire range of Easy Motion models address the needs of riders from leisure to sport; trail to tarmac. Since the beginning, BH has focused on building bikes that maximize a rider’s potential. It is this approach that has become the base on which our 100+ year legacy has been built on. It’s the foundation we continue to build on for the next 100 years…